Staying youthfull and vital is a worthwhile goal for anyone wishing to improve their quality of life. The remarkable effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapies have been known for centuries, and recently such regeneration sessions have become popular among celebrities, professional athletes, and those looking to improve general well-being. Many healthy individuals seek regenration session for skin rejuvenation, mental and physical performance enhancement, heightened energy, improved sleep, reduced inflammation, and more. Oxygen session can assist with bone and neurovascular regeneration, increase the growth of stem cells, or progenitor cells within the body, and has been noted for its anti-aging and overall wellness benefits.

At the KISIKON Regeneration Center, we offer sessions to naturally strengthen the immune system, accelerate the formation of your own collagen, detoxify the body and improve concentration.
In general, we can define three therapeutic fields:

– Health
– Beauty and Well-being
– Professional and Recreational sports

Regeneration sessions helps much-needed oxygen get to damaged cells and tissues, the list of their benefits is quite long.
Also, many healthy individuals seek oxygen session for:

– skin rejuvenation,
– mental and physical performance enhancement,
– heightened energy,
– improved sleep,
– reduced inflammation,
– contribute to longevity.


The bodies initial response to any injury involves inflammation and attempted repair. Inflammation is the process by which cells such as phagocytes (white blood cells) gain access to the demaged or injured tissues and cells in order to prevent infection and enable healing to commence. Decreased oxygen supply impacts greatly upon the inflammatory process as the cells involved in inflammation are oxygen dependent. Should oxygen supply be decreased, this will greatly impair and slow the inflammatory process and healing. Increased oxygen availability promotes vasoconstriction (when blood vessels in the body become thinner) and this causes tissue fluid reabsorption and helps reduce oedema and swelling whilst keeping the tissue well oxygenated due to the high oxygen content within the blood. Hence supporting the cells of the inflammatory process to remove cell debris and micro-organisms impeding infection.

Regeneration sessions increase white blood cell production

The major players in the bodies immune response are the white blood cells. Providing the body with increased oxygen availability increases the production of white blood cells providing benefit to the bodies immune response. High-dose oxygen delivered under pressures greater than sea level, stimulates and enables the bodies immune response.

Increase blood flow and circulation

Regeneration sessions are a powerful poor blood circulation treatment method that should be used in conjunction with improved lifestyle habit and the guidance of a vascular specialist. Oxygen session reduces the symptoms of poor circulation by flooding all of the body’s tissues with pure, concentrated oxygen. his increases the amount of oxygen in the blood and helps break the cycle of tissue swelling, oxygen starvation, and tissue death.


Collagen acts as a base layer in the healing wound and assists the wound to close and repair. The formation of collagen and hence wound healing/recovery is highly dependent on the presence of adequate amounts of oxygen. The actual production of collagen by fibroblasts is also extremely dependent on oxygen availability. As regeneration session markedly increases the oxygen available within the blood this in turn enables fibroblasts to produce increased amounts of collagen required for healing of wounds and tissue damage.

Oxygen and stem cell regeneration

During oxygen session, the amount of oxygen in the person’s bloodstream increases significantly. In the pressurized atmosphere, oxygen molecules are delivered across the body at a rapid rate, absorbing into plasma, tissue and major organs. When oxygen reaches damaged tissues or swollen arteries, it stimulates the release of healing chemicals, allowing the body to produce new cells and regenerate itself from the inside out. By enabling the growth of new cells, oxygen session has proven effective in treating wounds that normally wouldn’t heal due to poor circulation.

Oxygen session increases white blood cell production

The major players in the bodies immune response are the white blood cells. Providing the body with increased oxygen availability increases the production of white blood cells providing benefit to the bodies immune response. High-dose oxygen delivered under pressures greater than sea level stimulates and enables the bodies immune response.

Oxygen session for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

While breathing oxygen hastens the removal of carboxyhemoglobin (COHb), hyperbaric oxygen hastens COHb elimination and favorably modulates inflammatory processes instigated by CO poisoning, an effect not observed with breathing normobaric oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen improves mitochondrial function, inhibits lipid peroxidation transiently, impairs leukocyte adhesion to injured microvasculature, and reduces brain inflammation caused by the CO-induced adduct formation of myelin basic protein.


A Cryo session pumps liquid nitrogen into a single-person chamber that cools to temperatures between -140 °C to -190 °C. In 3 minutes or less, the session is complete, and the user exits the chamber feeling rejuvenated and euphotic, with increased energy, fresh oxygen and vital nutrients citceling through the system.

Benefits of Cryo Body sessions are indeed many and can help you improve your quality of life in different ways.


V eni sami seansi telo porabi od 500 do 800 kcal

Cryo Body session causes the body to produce a hormone called Norepinephrine. This increase the fat metabolism up to 6 days and the impact of one session is equivalent to burning 500-800 calories. Cryo Body session can reduce any kind of inflammation on your body with the help of a variety of enzymes and by boosting the immune system. Regeneration session in cryo chamber encourages cell rejuvenation and can expels toxins out of your body.


Cryo Body session provokes vasoconstiriction followed by vasodilation as the body reheats. This process increases blood circulation and detoxification, enriches the blood with nutrients and oxygen and reduces inflammation. Routine Cryo treatments can help rejuvenate the collagen matrix, improving skin’s resilience, increasing the skin’s collagen and reducing the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits at the skin’s surface.


Osrečimo se na hiter in učinkovit način

The ultra-cool air used in Cryo chamber causes the brain to release a higher-than normal level of endorphins and other »feel-good« hormones. Because of the increased endorphins and adrenaline levels after the session, many users have reported an improved mood and an increased level of energy.

Exposure to ultra-cold temperatures during Cryo Body session causes physiological hormonal responses. »Happy« hormones, like adrenaline, noradrenaline and endorphins flood the system and the negative impact of fan elevated level of cortisol (a stress inducing hormone) is significantly reduced. People feel euphoric when their brain is released from the crippling grip of cortisol. They enjoy sensations of relaxation, mood elevation, memory enhancement, newfund energy and improved sleep, which may last several weeks from just one session in the Cryo chamber.


Athletes were one of the earliest fans of Cryo Body sessions. As Cryo body sessions become more and more popular, gym-goers, runners and fitness buffs are also adopting them for fast relief from exertion, pain and other exercise-related symptoms.

Just a few minutes spent in a Cryo chamber after exercise helps them recover between one training session and another in the same day. Benefits of Cryo Body session after exercise include:
• Relief from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
• Restoration of the muscles’ functional capacity after strenuous exercise.
• Reduction of the bod’s core temperature after extened workout sessions.
• Hastened detoxification and cellular damage repair after exercise.
• Increased blood circulation resulting in increased metabolism rate.
• Quick adrenaline release that promotes a sense of well-being and renews motivation to stay on task with the exercise regimen.

KISIKON Regeneration Center services still go beyond mentioned sessions. To improve your health and lifestyle quality, our experts help you in several ways. At KISIKON we offer whole body regeneration session for sports recovery, wellness and clarity with benefits for both medical and beauty purposes.