We are taking a lead.

KISIKON is a realised ahead of time insight in the future experience and a great business opportunity. We created completely new approach towards health, beauty and well being in 100% natural way with 360 package. Our concept is unique in every aspect. It is a melange of service, location, chosen clients and exclusive effect. It is a high end service that has results. It is aim of this brochure to introduce you the concept and invite you to become an investor in your market. Let’s breathe Life.

Sonja Litaj, CEO and Founder

Building up the Business.

The KISIKON concept is developed on HBOT researches and in cooperation with HBOT specialists. Method provokes regeneration processes that results high and visible benefits in the beauty segment. In addition we added also Cryo stimulation to boost the benefits. HBOT has been used in fields of medicine and sports mostly so far. All extremely high end goals always come up with this natural treatment methods as non-invasive solution for effective regeneration.

Kisikon is a scientifically based hard wellness concept entity. Main goal is regeneration of the body and beauty benefits. The services performed in KISIKON are composed from HBOT therapies and CRYO stimulations.

Why is KISIKON a franchise?

It's easy with us.



KISIKON is a new step into future wellness that will be more demanding then only scope of various types of massages, pool relaxation … It is your business opportunity to step in front of everybody. In case we were not really precise, KISIKON is a PORSCHE in its industry.


Rounded package

You as franchisee are getting an entry, well prepared package how to handle this future focus business. Whilst wellnesses will be trying to make best offers, discounts etc, you will be able to set your price. Remember, you are PORSCHE in wellness.


High-end community

You will be able to build a high end community. Your service is not available at any health care. You obtain your clients on a much higher level. And you give results at high profit margin. But to achieve this, you need a franchise bringing that knowledge.

More about our franchise

Our franchisees are provided with complete support from A-Z on setting up their new business. From the time an agreement is signed for a protected and exclusive territory, we assign them to do site selection and help them to find the very best location in their city. Once the locations are found, all designs and equipment are secured, shipped, installed in defined time frame.

We also provide complete and thorough business training, on-site training, marketing support and everything else to make this business as turn key as possible. Launching a business becomes that much easier with KISIKON’s resources behind you.

The KISIKON Mission Statement

We are specialists in new era wellness that provides regeneration of your body and mind. It is secret well known for a long time already. We are bringing it to our customers worldwide. We are not just another wellness.

The KISIKON Vision

The KISIKON vision is to become multi-markets network of visionary product providing regeneration products from HBOT and CRYO sessions.

What we do

1. Get you started

We will guide you through 360 package how to make set up and make a start.

2. Provide training
We provide trainings to ensure you’re set up for success, enable you to work with a community of existing owner to learn the tips and tricks of operating a successful delivery business from those who know it best.

3. Get you started
We will provide you exclusive dea ls on KISIKON suppliers products and devices, and other services help you get your delivery business up and running.

4. Supply a comprehensive toolkit
We give you the tools and technology you’ll need to run your business, designed to keep your operation running smoothly.

5. Offer on-demand support
Owners receive ongoing support from Kisikon, including a comprehensive operations manual, driver assistance for on-road issues, and a dedicated Business Coach.

6. Share our experience
We are a growing Community. Our strengths is in unity.

What you do

1. Set up your business
You will get 360 tool and support to make this set up.

2. Build your team
Build your team following the step from franchise book. Engage employees and helpers who will enable your ongoing success.

3. Open business unit
Opening and start operating by the book.

4. Create your team culture
You lead with a can-do attitude that ensures your business reflects KISIKON high standards and customer-obsessed culture. Coach, develop, and motivate your team to exceed expectations.

5. Grow your business
Deliver a great customer experience and grow your business.

Let's start


Investment capital

250.000 €

*The estimation is made on European situation. Exact calculation will be done each specific unit.

Architecture Interior

Light. Spacy. Clean.

Markets already interested